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A laser-focussed tool designed to manage software releases.

We will take you through a typical workflow in 8 short steps.
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Create a new project

Name and describe your project that you’re about to start on.


Invite your team to the project

Bring your team mates into Delight to start collaborating.


Create a new version

Kick off the project by creating a version with a name, start and end date.


Add features to a version

Put down a list of features that you're planning to develop in this version.


Discuss features

Collaborate with your team to define features clearly.


Show progress

Keep everyone within your team updated on the progress.


Report and Fix bugs

Your testing team can report bugs which you can discuss and resolve.


Deliver features

Your testing team can approve features once they are satisfied everything works perfectly.

That’s it! In addition, we have a whole bunch of goodies such as real-time notifications, full-text search, stream history, email commenting and an easy to report change log, to make working on your project a delight.